Is a city which is located in Japan off the west coast of the island Kyushu founded in 1965. In 1908 after WWII the Chisso cooperation first opened its factory in Minamata, a poor fishing and farming village. The company had a huge impact to the Minamata society. Having inherited the role of lord from medieval Japan, Chisso was an icon of protection and a provider. The people depended on Chisso. In 1970’s its factory had occupied 68% of the city employing 60% of the city’s workers and had control of 66% of all shipping activity. Chisso in Japanese means nitrogen initially producing fertiliser but later expanded to include the manufacture of petrolchemicals and plastics. in 1932 the expansion of developing other products such as ethanal for products such as plastics, drugs, and perfumes has led to by products of organic mercury to form, methylmercury. The city grew with the expansion of Chisso, creating new jobs and stimulating the economy of the city.

Around the time 1950’s people were noting the strange behavior in cats. They were observed to be dancing around in circles and suiciding cats which the people called"cat's-dancing disease". Further strange observations were seen as birds were dropping out the sky. People also started to notice a numbing pain in their hands and legs preventing them to walk and write normally. The disease also had their vision blurred, speech slurred and subjected to involuntary actions. The victims were simply diagnosed with a deterioration of their nervous system. Dead fish was found floating on the water since 1925 and in 1956, the people of Minamata were in panic and fearful because there was not likely explanation to these observations.

On the first of May, 1956 The Chisso factory hospital stated that   "an unclarified disease of the central nervous system has broken out". A further study into the mysterious disease led by the a university research group gradually determined it came from the shore of the bay. It...

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