Millers Tale

Miller’s Tale
Once upon a time there was a carpenter named called John. He lived by Oxford and he had an employee called Nicholas. Nicholas was a student in astronomy major. During the story, John had just gotten married to Alison who was 18 years old and very appealing to eyes.
While the daily busyness went on John realizes that he has fallen in love with Alison and he does not hesitate to show his love towards her. He talks to her and does favors. One day Nicholas tells Alison that he loves her and will die to for her. And he attempts to kiss her. But Alison is afraid of her husband’s jealousy and protection. Thus she refuses to kiss him and she tells him that if he does not leave her alone she will scream for help. Nicholas cries and talks to her firmly which later causes her to accept to sleep with him. She does accept to sleep with him only when it’s safe for her. Genius Nicholas plans for his dream to come true!
Nicholas tells the carpenter that he is sick and needs several days off to recover. The carpenter agrees. The days pass and the carpenter sends his servant to check Nicholas’ health. After a while the servant comes back and tells the carpenter that he does not look fine. Then the carpenter decides he wants to check him out himself and thus he goes off to Nicholas’ place. They talk and Nicholas tells him he saw the vision of God. He says that God told him there was going to be a bigger flood then Noah’s that’s why they need to build tubs and hang it from the roof. He builds it and on Monday night they climb on the tubs and as “God told them” no one is allowed to speak a word. When the carpenter sleeps the two lovers get in the bed and spend the whole night. Finally in the morning Alison’s other lover comes and asks her to kiss him. Nicholas jokes and makes him kiss his ass and he gets mad. For revenge he comes back and burns his ass and he gives a big scream. The carpenter wakes up and cuts the line holding the tub thus he falls down hard and...