Mill Caution

mill in the concentrator is one of major equipment Quarry Crusher, to make the ball a good grinding effect, the higher rate of operation, set to open at the ball park, should strictly follow the rules and act to prevent major equipment accident, the general should note the following Matters:
1, according to the material flow forward one by one starting from the device while driving. That pump a classifier a ball mill to a belt a mining machine. Non multiple devices simultaneously started; to a belt that is used to back a ball mill a classifier a pump stop to the mining machine when unplanned shutdowns.
2, all the devices start normal and stable operation has been completed before feeding
3, before driving the disk drive 23 to be generally turn, ball park in more than 4h. Loose bond with slime and media.
4, as far as possible to drain the material for the next drive in the device invention conditions. Normal parking space should be carried out under load.
5, usually less than 20min to avoid consuming the ball and damage to the liner without cutting mill case running time not too long.
6, rule out all possible influence to drive failure. Before the device starts to mill and owned equipment to conduct a comprehensive and detailed examination.
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