Milk- Commodity
  * What is the product’s job?
Quench thirst, vitamin substitute
Hire products to do things for us (what is the consumer trying to do)
  * What are the substitutions?
Water, Sports drink, tea
Substitutions would be other products that would create experience as the original job
  * What alternative marketing strategies could be implemented to redefine the utility of your product?
Healthy muscle drink, People like Michael Jordan drink Milk. Creates winner mentality ( I wanna be like Mike)
  * In addition to the product’s original market, how will product definition change its target market?
Go after youth market (teen) with sports stars and actors to create a persona with the drink.
It could change the ultimate experience for the customer, and actually work against your outcome.

  * What effects will re-marketing your product have on current consumer behavior?
It will give the consumer an experience of success and also create a possible backlash if the person selected counters its original demographic

  * What are the risks of implementing Clay Christensen’s milkshake analogy?
Understanding what job the drink is doing is interesting concept to see how the end user makes their ultimate decision. Using this in other categories can create a unclear outcome with choices of products being impulse or out of scope.
What additional consumer needs are satisfied by using Clay Christensen’s approach?
Utilizing the consumer wants to be successful in the endeavor, whether it’s buying a drink or wanting an education.   Mr. Christensen’s theory is useful for marketing a product were choices are made because who or how it makes one feel.