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Military Robotics Market Share, Size, Emerging Trends,
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“Military Robotics - Emerging Trends and Future Outlook” is a report published by Strategic Defence
Intelligence (SDI) with a detailed analysis about demand drivers of military robotics, major application
areas, key focus areas for future research and development, and major challenges for suppliers in the
military robotics sector.
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Key Findings

A focus on minimizing casualties and improving effectiveness and efficiency is driving the
significance of military robotics
Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition will record the largest application of military
robotics over the next five years
Artificial intelligence and sensors will be the key focus areas for research and development activities
associated with military robotics
Demand for military robotics will increase in the US, Israel, and China over the next five years

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
This report examines global defense industry executives' opinion about anticipated investment in
military robotics across regions, future influencing trends and change in demand for military robotics. It
also highlights projected change in demand of military robotics across markets and indicates major
interest areas for potential research and development.
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In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following:
 Key growth influencing factors for military robots: examines key demand drivers of military robots
 Future influencing trends: identifies existing trends which are likely to shape military robotics
prospects over the next five years