Skills of health

Phlebotomist job description
As a phlebotomist I will be part of a team contributing to the clinical care of patients by providing a high quality blood taking services. My role is to take blood samples from patients for analysis in laboratories .I will normally work in a hospital setting, on wards and in clinics. I will be a specialised clinical support worker.

Duties include;
    • Take blood samples from different patient groups; include children and children and elderly, accounting to required standards.
    • Explain procedures and reassure patients.
    • Collect blood without harming the patient or disturbing the nursing care they are receiving.
    • Deal with patients who become unwell or faint.
    • Label each sample.
    • Deliver the sample to the correct laboratory.
    • Maintain clean and tidy working area
    • Check and maintain stocks of items needed.

Skills required
      • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
      • Ability to follow procedures and instructions.
      • Careful and methodical approach.
      • Ability to handle confidential information.
      • Manual dexterity.
      • Ability to work under pressure and as a part of a team.

      You do not need any specific entry requirements, although a range of GCSE’s/grade or equivalent would be an advantage. You will need to have a sympathetic and sensitive manner, as you may be dealing with nervous and distressed patients. Previous experience within a healthcare environment would be useful.

Apprentice healthcare support worker

      Job description
      I will be taking the level 2 apprenticeship in health (clinical health support). On the apprenticeship I will be caring for patients, working under the supervision of nurses, midwives and other health care professionals. I will be working in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals,...