Migration: Is it worth the risks?
Geog 200

  Migration from other countries, including Mexico and Guatemala, is misunderstood by the majority of Americans. Many Americans believe that immigrants come to America to take things from them. These immigrants are not trying to take from anyone they are just looking for a better life without poverty and other affects caused by the aftermath of the civil wars in 7 0’s   and 80’s.
  To reach this freedom, they have to go through a lot. The route to freedom is not a joy ride. These people faced muggings, beatings and rapes. The immigrants that are coming from Guatemala have to cross two dangerous borders which include the one into Mexico and then into the United States.   The border in Mexico is where the struggle begins for many, with the encounter of thugs, drug runners, extortionists who are in official uniform, and migration agents. These migration agents load up the illegal immigrants for transport back to their home country.
  Immigrants go through a lot of obstacles to come to America. I do not know if I would be able to migrate if I was in the situation. I know the life that I would be facing in Mexico or Guatamala would not be as easy or peaceful as in the United States but I think for me it would be easier to deal with. The reason I believe this is because at least I would know what to expect everyday from the government and the other issues I would face there on a daily bases , where if I was migrating I would not know what was ahead of me. Many of the   migrates hear stories about what others have faced but until they attempt it themselves they do not know what lies in their future. Jessina is a perfect example, she did her best to disguise herself to fit in with the locals and prayed everyday for her and husbands safety .Another thing that would be hard for me would be having to leave my children behind so they stayed safe as I went ahead to began our dream life.