Peer Evaluation of Ken Semper
Ken Sempers lesson was based on teaching vocabulary on jobs in the French language. It was a very interesting lesson to observe as he used different techniques to portray meaning of the target language. The lesson was successful and consisted of many strengths. However, areas of developments were also apparent. One of the strengths of Ken’s lesson was that the aims and objectives of the lesson were clear. The aims and objectives were clearly discussed in the beginning of the lesson so the learners understood what they were going to learn in the lesson and what they will be able to do by the end of the lesson.
The aims were…………
  * Students learn vocabulary of jobs in French and ask and answer questions about jobs.
The objectives were…
  * Students will be able to identify and say the names of 5 jobs.
  * Students will be able to ask and answer questions relating to names of jobs. What is this? Is this a…?
  * Use cognates to read and identify descriptions of different jobs.
The context was presented very well in relation to the topic. Visuals related to France such as wine, bread, Eiffel tower etc. were presented on smart board. Learners were given the opportunity to elicit information and discuss what they saw and how the images were related to France. My peer then presented the pictures of jobs on the smart board. Effective drilling method was used such as choral, group and individual drilling.   There was continuous assessment of vocabulary throughout the lesson, this allowed the teacher to check learners pronunciation and correct where needed. Demonstrations were also given before task to ensure learners knew exactly what to do and what was expected of them. Activities were also well planned such as gap fill exercises and learners were encouraged to work in pairs to encourage peer learning and assessment.
“In group work, students’ opinions are being valued and accepted;
In teacher talk they are being ignored.”...