The following report describes and analyzes Microsoft’s legal, social and economic environments. It talks about the project management software which assists the project management team to use application demonstrates critical path methods, project scheduling, PERT and GANTT diagrams.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational cooperation (MNC) globally recognized that is specialized in developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting a wide range of computing technology products and services. They are headquartered in Redmond, Washington. The founder of Microsoft Corporation is Bill Gates and the company was established in 1975.

The legal issues to discuss in the case of Microsoft Corporation are analyzed below. A common complaint about Microsoft has come in its product Microsoft Windows where people who want to purchase a computer get a copy of Windows without being pre-installed. Another problem in the legal issue of Microsoft is that when you choose open source you do not get a Windows operating system. The business name “Microsoft” is not already being used by another organization. Business License is another important legal factor while establishing a business. Microsoft Corporation has a business license and tax registration. Zoning is another factor Microsoft Corporation has been trouble free. Zoning implies selecting the location for business to make sure it is properly zoned for the type of business that is planned to operate. Non-Disclosure Agreements has been a legal issue at times but Microsoft Corporation now takes care that it sets up financing for its business or entering into contracts with suppliers confidentiality through non-disclosure agreements as it strongly believes with the theory that the more confidential information the business plan contains, the more important these agreements will stand out to be. The contractual issues are another significant legal issue that Microsoft Corporation...