Microsoft Ethics

STEP 1 - Read the following directions.
Each member of a team should contribute to the Group project. Unfortunately, this may not always be true for your team. To address the effectiveness of individual team members, a Peer Evaluation Form is used. The ratings you provide below will assist the instructor in assigning points to your fellow team members for their performance on a team assignment(s).
Please rate yourself and each of your team members on the stated performance characteristics. Include additional comments and details in the “Additional Comments” section if necessary. Comments are required anytime you use a rating of “Rarely” or “Never”.
You are responsible for submitting your peer evaluation by Day 7 of Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The evaluations are confidential and therefore will only be seen by your instructor.
STEP 2 - Rate yourself:
John Tejkl / BLUE GROUP:

Check the box that best describes how you would rate yourself on each of the following criteria.

|Evaluation Criteria                                                                       |Always         |Usually     |Rarely       |Never       |
|Leadership/Collaboration:                                                                 | x             |            |            |            |
|Contributed to the building of team consensus and purpose; actively listened and shared   |               |             |             |           |
|useful ideas and knowledge to accomplish the week’s assignment. Actively participated     |               |             |             |           |
|with week’s assignment.                                                                   |               |             |             |           |
|Work Quality:                                                                             | x             |            |            |            |
|Work output was technically sound; applied appropriate concepts.                         |               |             |...