Microbiology Experiment


Write an essay on Evidences of Vegetation Dynamics.
Vegetation dynamics refers to the changes that occur in the composition and structure of vegetation. The plants grow and change in their forms and arrangement and this affects the shape and composition of the vegetation there is competition and seasonal modifications among plants. This however creates different appearances in the vegetation from time to time. There are five types of vegetation dynamics and these are seasonal, succession, fluctuations, regeneration and zonation. Some of these changes that occur with these types of vegetation dynamics are predictable, repetitive or unpredictable. Others are seasonal and perpetual.
Evidences of vegetation changes show that there was previously a type of vegetation growth that occurred at a place which has been replaced at another type of vegetation; this is usually observed in seral changes as it is difficult in knowing the previous vegetation that occurred at a place. Some of this evidence which shows vegetation change includes written records, unwritten records, zonation, fossil and sub fossil remains and dendro chronology (age of the plants).
An evidence of vegetation change is unwritten records. This type of record was brought about by stories told by grandparents their tribesmen. Such people told their tribesmen the type of vegetation that occurred at a given place but since most of them were illiterates, they could not write in order to document these records. Other people who told stories about the vegetation that could be found on a particular land were travelers and traders as they moved from one place to another. This type of evidences is not safe as for records keeping since it is in the form of oral delivery. Such evidences if not taken noticed of can easily be lost totally and a type of vegetation which occurred at a particular place at some point could...