Micro & Macro


Students are required to be in a group of SIX (Max) and submit their peer evaluation form. Students will get product / services for your group assignment from the instructor. Answers are to be typed on one side of answer sheets only, using Times New Roman font size 12, with a 1.5 spacing.




References in APA style must be included and taken from reliable sources such as books or journals. Refer to: http://www.emich.edu/halle/style_guides.html to view the details and samples of APA style.


Maximum pages, including graphs: 15. Students must footnote sources and must not copy and paste information from the internet. If you use internet sources, either put those sources in quotations or put those sources INTO YOUR OWN WORDS. Plagiarism, copying and cheating will NOT be awarded any mark, and disciplinary actions will be taken instead.


Submit your assignment in stapled form. List out all the group members correctly. The assignment has to be submitted on week 9, Monday 9th March 2015 before 3.00pm. Marks will be deducted 50% for the late submission.



This assignment contributes 15 percent of the total marks for the course. Any enquiries should be directed to your respective tutor either during lecture/tutorial or via emails.


Assignment Questions Questions are to be answered based on the specific guidelines below: Part 1 Choose a product or service that can be categorized as belonging to a Monopoly market / Oligopoly market / Monopolistic Competition market or Perfect Competition market. (15 marks) - Introduction – company - Introduction – product / service brand line - Normal / Inferior / or Luxury products / service - Complement and substitute - Which market structure do they belong to? Why? [explain the relevant and suitable characteristics] Part 2 Compare the price of the product / service with other substitutions (if any). (10 marks) - Describe your findings (e.g. The...