Michael Jackson - Heal the World Song Analysis Assignment

Since time immemorial singers have written songs through which they try to speak
to all the people to change their attitude and help the world, which really does need
healing. For instance songs “What More Can I Give” or “Tears In Heaven” were
written and sung by world-famous artists as Sharon Osbourne, Celine Dion and the
Carter brothers to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina or a song “We Are the
World” produced by Michael Jackson and many other artists to donate money to
needy. These songs became popular all over the world for their catchy lyrics and
mellow music. One of these is next Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World”. This song lets us know that we have to value our world and
try to protect it and the way the song is performed leaves no eye dry and no heart

Michael Jackson gave his heart into the songs he wrote. I listened to “Heal the World”
over and over again and it touched my heart. The song forced me to think about
myself and my selfishness and also gave me the power to become a better person
and start helping my surroundings, so I decided to follow English proverb “Charity
begins at home,” even though, Michael's original idea was to help needy people
in the whole world. In my opinion, the song emits a strong feeling, nobility and
obsession to go inside that dream
world portrayed with grace and love towards everybody and everything. The song reminds me that our existence could
be without lies and hypocrisy, unfortunately, it is not. Therefore, I listen to it, when I
feel sad or disappointed and I am in mood to think about the real world we live in. If
everyone cared for joyful giving and helping each other, this dream world, which was
portrayed in the song, would become a reality.

Michael Jackson sent a strong message of peace to the world in an effort to draw the
world's attention to people living in countries suffering from unrest. Directly, in the
first verses Michael sings “And if you really try … there's no...