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Part L 2010 Guide for Compliance (England & Wales)

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Welcome to the Travis Perkins Group
Travis Perkins plc is a leading company in the builders’ merchant and home improvement markets, and is a main supplier to the building and construction market, one of the largest industries in the UK. The group operates 19 businesses from more than 1,700 sites across the UK, which offer a wide range of products and services.

Our Group Mission
“Continue to deliver better return by…putting in place and growing the best businesses, with outstanding people and operations, providing comprehensive building solutions, to everyone creating, maintaining, repairing or improving the built environment…helping to build Britain”.


Our Group Values At Travis Perkins we:
Know our customers We understand their needs, beat their expectations, treat them with respect and know our major customers personally. Like to deliver We enjoy being the best; we know exactly what each of us is expected to achieve; we focus on getting results, simply. Talk and listen We say what we mean clearly and honestly, we listen carefully; we respond objectively, we explain our decisions. Work together We actively work with each other; when something goes wrong, the first thing we will do is fix the problem, not look for someone to blame. Are with you, not against you We seek mutual benefits with all stakeholders; we think about the impact of our actions; we search for similarities. Always try to get better We constructively challenge, we use our common sense. Know how to do our jobs Not just today, but for the next job; we equip ourselves with the skills needed to perform and be confident we can perform. Are proud to be here This is a great company; everyone working with us is welcome; we make work enjoyable for everyone.


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