"Mi'lady, he has returned...." said a blood elf rogue.

Sylvanas turned to the messenger, confused, until she saw the Apothecarium emblem he wore.

"Bring him in," she hissed. "I suppose he’s bound to me after all."

The young druid walked in, clad in Night Elven robes, and a large crystal stave crafted by the Keeper Remulos. The tauren had horns of gleaming white and crescent shaped, and his fur was a dark caramel color.

"Well met, Mi'lady. It has been long since you've last seen me," said the druid.

"I wasn't expecting you, Alaston. I assumed after I sent you away you would’ve gotten the message." She spoke in a voice that could chill to one's very soul. All the Royal Forsaken Guard in the room turned to see what was going on.

"Do you wish me to leave, then?" he said in a semi-serious tone.

"I may not have expected you, but I've still always thought over this moment if it were to ever come."

"I wish to serve you Mi'lady." he said. His demanding tone was not commonplace in the royal chamber. Therefore, the guards had a hushed gasp under their breath.

The aura of the room started to fill with an unseen demonic essence. The lights went to a dim flicker. The demon known as Varimathras approached the platform upon which the Queen of the Forsaken stood. He inspected Alaston with a disapproving expression. The Royal Guard all had their hands on their blades, for this demon had a short leash.

"Mi'lady, the apothecaries have made new developments in the...project you requested they start since the re-opening of the Dark Portal." Varimathras stood behind the Tauren druid, still having a disapproving glint in his eyes.

"Watch it, Varimathras. He is my personal company. I told you in the plague lands when I caught you, you'd be on a short leash. Those rules still apply." Sylvanas spoke abruptly taking the guards out of their daze. Varimathras walked back to the shadows, now with a glint of annoyance in his eyes. "Now then, if you plan to be part...