Mgt 599 Mod 1 Case

Module 1 Case
Strategic Management Process/Vision, Goals, Objectives

MGT599 - Strategic Management
Kraft Foods Group.
As a new company, even though the company heritage has been around for over 100 yrs., Kraft Foods Group, Inc. has done well at defining their company’s Mission, Vision and Values in a clear and concise manner.   However, as with most anything, changes and improvements over time should be made to keep up with the needs of the company and stakeholders.   Hopefully, this case study provides you with insight on how to analyze these three proclamations to see if any improvements can be made. I will accomplish this by identifying, analyzing and drawing relationships between these statements and the stakeholders of the company.
Company's Mission Statement and Analysis
The mission should give a picture of the company in future. It should be the framework that will guide the strategic planning of a company. The mission statement should drive everything else the company does; it must be the anchor of what the company stands for!
Kraft Foods Inc. is known to be the largest confectionery, food and drinks corporation in the United States. There are 155 countries around the world that market its brands. The Food Groups, mission statement is “to be North America’s best food & beverage company” (, 2009). It appears that Kraft has a pretty accurate mission statement.   We could gather from this statement that their ultimate goal as a company is to be the absolute best in every category, such as quality, delivery, taste, availability of product and as an employer.   As a mission statement it accurately, “describes the overall purpose of the organization” as written about by Dr. Carter McNamara in his article on developing the three statements we are talking about (McNamara, 2012).   Obviously, one would hope that such a large corporation, as Kraft, would be able to define an accurate mission statement and it appears they have. This mission...