Mgt 521 Week 6 Paper

Invest in Medtronic
Medtronic Inc., was founded in 1949 and has grown into a medical device company that “researches, designs, manufactures, and sells its products to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend lives” (Medtronic, 2011).   This company began in a house garage in the United States and now has emerged into a global organization.   As a Fortune 500 company, Medtronic is leading with its cutting edge medical technology products.   The company's strategic plans and tactics play a positive role within their organization. The overview of Medtronic’s business is divided into six business units that all work together as one to meet the needs of their shareholders in a long-term manner (Medtronic, 2011).   Medtronic’s purpose and long-term stability of business growth since 1949 demonstrates strategic initiatives and strong financial strategies needed for investor’s commitment.
Analyzing a company’s financial statements is key to investing in stocks that are proven to have a financial return. Medtronic Inc. and Baxter International Inc. are two globally recognized healthcare companies that provide medical devices and supplies to consumers with chronic diseases.   Both of the companies share a common strategy of targeting chronic disease groups for their products to be consumed.   Their management of chronic disease and innovative therapies have proven that these companies are our leaders in the global markets. Their financial statements are proof of their success in our economy and consumer lives.
Medtronic’s experienced $2.80 earnings per share. Baxter International was at $1.18. Medtronic’s profitability was higher allocating more money to each outstanding share than Baxter International in 2011. The P/E ratio was higher for Baxter International. This showed that Baxter International had greater opportunity to earn increased earnings in years to come, compared to what the current situation of earnings per share.   Medtronic confirmed in 2011 an 11% return on...