Mgt 521 Week 1

Write a 350- to 700-word paper summarizing the basics of that viewpoint including highlighting at least one of the key figures related to that viewpoint.

In chapter two this is a guide and study to understand theories of the past and present with it comes to management. The perspectives give a breakdown as to a foundation that was used as a guide for managers and the decisions that was used to handle employees. To my surprise there has been several studies and research in regards to creating a theory for these perspectives.   Before reading this chapter I felt that management especially when it comes to human skills was something that you really cannot teach. The reason I thought this way is because I relate it to ethical skills that we all should have. After the reading it gives me understanding that it has to be some type of foundation for managers to follow when it comes to making great decisions that leads to positive outcomes.

There are two different perspectives when it comes to management which are Historical and Contemporary.   The historical perspective deals with viewpoints such as classical, behavioral, and quantitative. When it comes to the classical viewpoints it focuses on certain ways to manage efficiently.   The behavioral viewpoint deals with showing how important it is to understand human behavior while motivating and encouraging employees for their career success. The last is the quantitative viewpoint which deals with the quantitative techniques to management. The second perspective deals with three viewpoints which include systems, contingency, and quality management. The systems view point relates to the organizations systems of interrelated parts that work together to accomplish a common purpose. The contingency viewpoint deals with the manager’s approach depending on the individuals and environment situation. The quality management viewpoint deals with three approaches. (Figure 2.1)   Looking into both of these perspectives basically gave...