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Environmental Scan
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Environmental Scanning
Long time competitors (PepsiCo and Coca-Cola) have been in the beverage business leading the industry, starting in North America and expanding worldwide.   These two companies have managed to rise to the top of the industry and stay there which begs the question, how are they are able to maintain their competitive advantage through business strategies?   Some other questions such as how the companies are able to create value, measurement guidelines, and are the measurement guidelines keeping them effective?
One of the most obvious competitive advantages that both companies have is a global presence that has so far proven effective with the products and marketing strategies in those locations.   Pepsi and Coke have both been around for so long as many of our grandparents would drink these as youngsters giving both companies much recognition. As an American heritage our grandparents passed on their approval of the revolutionary Soda-Pop drink and ever since generations have grown up seeing the marketing and consuming the products. Lastly both companies have vastly expanded their product lines into other beverage and food product areas giving people even more exposure to their products.
Both Pepsi and Coke have been extremely successful with their product lines over the years because of their business strategies. Using a SWOT analysis, Pepsi and Coke are able to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends both internally and externally.   Using a PEST analysis (political, social, economic, and technological) both companies are able to scan their environment when doing market research to better highlight different macro-environmental factors that the company needs to consider.   Much of their forward planning contributes to their low cost of operations as their highly efficient factories produce little waste.   With a strong branding and...