The Data Center Manager (DCM) is a leadership role responsible for the ongoing management of a team of Data Center Technicians (DCT). Candidates will need to have experience in managing people both from a logistical and personnel standpoint. Experience with understanding the service delivery support paradigm is a must. Data Center Managers must be technically competent as well as show a capacity to empathize with and elevate team members around them.
The DCM will:
• Provide Management of local 24x7x365 Support Personnel
o Lead, mentor, and coach DCTs to provide consistent and professional support environment
o Provide accurate and timely communication to all applicable parties on any customer support issues
o Monitor specific KPIs to ensure proper execution of support
o Maintain all scheduling and coordination of Data Center Technicians
o Participate in Internal Incident Report review process to diagnose areas for improvement
o Perform periodic performance reviews on all DCTs
o Work with Market Director of Service Delivery on escalated customer support issues
o Manage Resource Allocation for Engineering Tasks
o Assign workflow task items to DCTs based on availability and experience
o Perform Quality Assurance checks on all work assigned to DCTs
o Communicate deadlines and possible time constraints to applicable stakeholders and requesters
o Assist in training of new processes, procedures, and tools related to provisioning process
• Coordinate with Facility Operations Engineer on Facility Related Tasks
o Work with market and regional facility resources on delegating and performing facility related tasks
o Participate in training programs and provide post training refreshers for DCTs
o Help ensure that facility is always “audit ready”
o Assist FOE with vendor management
• Collaborate with Central Resources on Customer Support Issues
o Communicate with Central Support Supervisors and/or Managers on any customer or process...