Mgmt 475

Article Analysis Paper
The goal of this paper is to find an article that discusses a negotiation situation that has occurred internationally.   Throughout the following paragraphs, I will discuss the situation, analyze the implications of globalization and the technology used in the negotiation. I will use the concepts that I have learned in this course.   The article that I decided to discuss is UK Mandelson: The Need to Keep an Open Mind on GM Negotiation.   I believe that the situation described in this article is a perfect example of how globalization affects the international negotiation process.
Summary of Article  
I would like to begin by summarizing the article. The parties involved were a Canadian-Austrian parts maker of GM. The Canadian-Austrian parts maker was negotiating with the GM plan to sell off parts GM’s European auto section.   The parties that were involved were Vauxhall and Opal. Opal was a German based company and Vauxhall was based out of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom government did not want to negotiate with GM.   The government was worried about how the business deal would impact the UK based employees.
These sections of the company had been close to financial duress since General Motors went into bankruptcy in mid 2009.   After months of negotiations amongst the investors and the German government a decision was made to sell Vauxhall and Opel to the supplier Magna International.   Then in November of 2009, General Motors decided to abandon the negotiation process because it was important for Vauxhall and Open to be part of the General Motors international and global strategy.   At this time, GM decided to restructure the UK operations.   GM was going to present the plan to the government and to the trade union for the various governments.   GM   had previously prepared a plan to allow the company to remain solvent in January 2009.   Under the plan, the company would eliminate a total of 50,000 European jobs.  
The plan was similar...