Mgmt 466 Final

Θυestion 1

Which strategy specifies the firm's overall direction in terms of its general orientation toward growth, the industries or markets in which it competes, and the manner in which it coordinates activities and transfers resources among business units?
Selected Answer: corporate

•   Question 2

A firm's expansion into other geographic locations and/or increasing the range of products and services offered to current markets is called
Selected Answer: horizontal growth.

•   Question 3

Which of the following describes a turnaround strategy?
Selected Answer: Emphasizes improving operational efficiency and is appropriate when a corporation's problems are pervasive, but not yet critical.

•   Question 4

Which of the following is NOT a goal of financial strategies?
Selected Answer: Institute a new product development plan to generate profit potential.

•   Question 5

According to Porter, to achieve a differentiation competitive strategy by following the functional strategy of technological leadership a business unit should
Selected Answer: innovate in other activities to increase buyer value.

•   Question 6

When a company determines how and where a product or service is to be manufactured, the level of vertical integration in the production process, the deployment of physical resources, and relationships with suppliers, the company is developing its ________ strategy.
Selected Answer: operations

•   Question 7

Which statement below is NOT true of strategy implementation?
Selected Answer: Strategy implementation should be kept separate and distinct from that of strategic management.

•   Question 8

According to Goold and Campbell, when companies coordinate the flow of products or services of one unit with that of another unit which can reduce inventory, the synergistic effect is known as
Selected Answer: economies of scale or...