Mexican American


Mexican American
ETH/125 Cultural Diversity

Sonia Rivera

August 23, 2009

                                                                    Mexican American
          The Mexican Americans have been living in the Americas for many years. Immigrants have been in the United States since the Mexican American war in 1847. After the treaty of Guadalupe was signed Mexican immigrants were brought to the U.S to be used to build railroads at cheap cost. In the year 1910 they have been 50,000 Mexican American workers in the United States that has been looking for jobs every year. They only use them as long as they need them. The Mexican American escapes or they leave Mexico for a lot reasons. The reasons why Mexican American leave México is because they may be at war, their may not be any jobs for them to support their families, and the government may be harsh at some times to Mexicans. The Mexican Americans may want a better life for themselves and for their family. The Mexican American has been coming to America in a long term. That makes them assimilation experience different from other ethnic and also from other national groups.
      Their have been Mexican Americans that were born in the United States and they are not considered United States Citizens. In 1929 the United States government deported undocumented immigrants. Of the 2 million people that were deported to Mexico 1.2 million had been born in the U.S and should been citizen. When the United States found itself in WWII in 1942. Official agree to the Bracero program, which would allow quest workers to work in the United States without any labor protections pushed to United States workers. So the program was maintained until 1964.
      Recent data shows that 226,000 people emigrated from Mexico to other countries during the last few years. Since my family has remained in the United States, our population of illegal immigrants has stop growing in the last...