Chapter 3
This chapter comprises of the main idea of the project and design and its evaluation process. Finally it summarizes all that the chapter entails.
Development of a Prevention Manual
The main idea of this project is to conduct review of present-day literature in giving a description of how to control and prevent diabetes type 2, through the use of exercise and nutrition. Developing and producing a prevention booklet for type 2 diabetes. Furthermore the chapter also covers the production of a feedback questionnaire for the brochure. Finally, there will be quantitative and quality studies will be performed on the response and finally the response will be used to revise the booklet.
The recommended booklet was created by health professionals for people at risk of developing type II diabetes. This was done by the Naomi Berry diabetes Center health professionals to educate the entire populace of the Bronx in New York City as a form of sensitization on diabetes to the communities around. This booklet was distributed to health facilities, libraries and also to individuals and other market places where large audiences were captured. People or individuals at risk are those who are obese and overweight and could develop diabetes at any time.
The brochure gave a brief introduction by defining diabetes type 2 and those who may be at risk of developing it. The brochure furthermore listed some interventions that can be used to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes. The nutritional and other lifestyle changes that were recommended and developed in the brochure followed the guidelines laid down by the American Diabetes Association. More so the Food pyramid that was developed by the American Diabetes Association will also be used and reviewed to help reduce caloric intake to enhance weight loss.
The brochure therefore continued to enumerate on different exercises that an individual can do to stay healthy. It further listed other aerobic exercises...