Metaphysical Poets

Subject : Metaphysical poetry
      Student :Latifa SAFOUI

            Metaphysical   poetry and   metaphysical poets   of   17th century England have instigated an ongoing heated debate   that has developed a peculiar immunity to any kind of settlement or final consencus among   scholars and academics interested in English literature . The clamour that accompanied the rise of metaphysical poetry has to do ,in large ,with the fact that metaphysical poets - which is the term used to denote   the architects of this trend in English poetry- have drawn a demarcation line   that set them apart   from the prevailing tradition of poetry writing in their time .  
            Such   trend   in poetry writing   constituted   a   violent ,outspoken and daring reversal of rules that have governed the narrative of writing and production of poetry   up to the beginning of   17th century England .
              Up to that time,   English   poetry   was   mainly   love lyric sonnets , written in an   iambic meter ,with a   language register that rarely deviated from the dominant vernacular , easily apprehended by the vast majority of English readers   . Poetry   like   shakespear’ s or Sidney ‘s and their contemporary English poets of the Elizabethan age , represented   mostly courtly poetry that abided by the generally agreed upon and accredited norms of writing poetry   mentioned earlier .
            With the rise of the puritanic age and the revolutionary mode of thougth   it unleashed   : the rejection of the supreme authority of   the Anglican church ,the upsurge of a new English ‘’politics’’ which toppled the monarchy opting for a much more representative governmental system (the parliament ),thus restricting the powers of the king   ,which were until then   unbrideled and absolute . Against this political and religious backdrop ,metaphysical   poets emerged   as the poets who eroded   the standards of writing that have been prevalent so far .

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