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      Importance of the Behavior Exhibited by Managers


March 22, 2010

Date:   March 22, 2010
MEMORANDUM FOR     First Level Management Team of InterClean
FROM:   Patricia Harris, Supervior
Subject:   Importance of the Behavior Exhibited by Managers
    This memorandum will provide information on how each manager’s behavior will impact the productivity of his or her employees, how management actions should align with employment laws and the effect of those actions not aligned with laws, and what are the best practices for working within a diverse work environment.
    David Spencer, CEO, is an ambitious leader and driven to see that InterClean grows within the industry by expanding into new markets. Because of the CEO’s vision, the merger between InterClean and EvironTech has taken place and in the final process of completion.   With this merger, changes will definitely affect the way business is currently conducted.   New training plans, staff realignments, and program restructures will be extensively development and implemented.
    People manage and staffed organizations.   Without people, organizations cannot exist, (Cascio, 2005).   To eliminate negativity within the workplace, it is imperative that the entire managerial team remains on board with the merger and that he or she effectively communicates as needed to his or her staff all company up-to-date information.   Managers are not only responsible for maintaining and utilizing all available resources, managers work with staffing, retention, development, adjustments and managing changes, (Cascio, 2005).   During the implementation and final merger each manager will have the necessary knowledge of the company structure and will be able to lead, manage, plan, control and operate
in an efficient and effective manner.   According to Daniel Goleman in the Harvard Business Review March-April 2000 edition, the most effective executives use a...