Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz A Class
Mercedes has recently launched it’s A class model in India. Mercedes have seen the great potential in the Indian Markets for the Smaller Hatchback Segment.
The A-Class has been launched by Mercedes as a Youth-Centric Car. It is symbolised as an expression of pulsating life having defined edges alongside tautly tensioned surfaces, concave curves, convex sweeping lines in a perfect rhythm for light shows. This is what a portrait of the new A-Class sounds like. It definitely symbolises a special trendy consumer which is seen as its potential buyer.

It is even marketed by Mercedes as “The Pulse of a New Generation”
As Described in the brochure.
Mercedes-Benz. The new A-Class is the car for a
new era and a new generation. A car that wants it all
and makes no compromises. A design that is the
spitting image of the future? Here it is.
Unadulterated agility and efficient with it? Of course.
Comfort and technology in a breathtaking symbiosis?
Climb on in and experience it for yourself.
Equipment and appointments options which are
geared to your personality and not vice versa?
Just let yourself be guided by your style. And when
you are then finally sitting in it and drive the first
of many, many exciting metres, you will feel it in
the new A-Class – the pulse of a new generation.

Mercedes specially designed this car For the More energetic Youth.
The Designing of the Vehicle is specially done for this purpose. The interior of the car is designed like a sports car with all the latest features.

Mercedes Benz B Class

Mercedes has recently launched it’s Hatchback models in India seeing the great potential in the Indian Markets for the Smaller Hatchback Segment.
The Two Segments, A and B class though similar but target totally different types of consumers. Both of the class are in the smaller Hatchback segment, but Relatively they are meant for different categories of Consumers.
The B class is designed for the...