Mentoring Relationship

This essay will critically analyse the role ofa mentor in integrating susan a first   year student into the practice placementin relation with nmc domain 1.according to wilkes 2006 the role of amentor in practice placement is important in supporting student learning and assessment.clinical placement has significant influence   in nursing students . however for a new comer clinical settings can be startle,will have difficulty in understanding the significance ofwhat is taking place around them[fuhrer1993].Eventhough clarke et al[2003]points out that current nurse education puts a high value on learning in the clinical environment,findings suggested that student-mentor relationship was identified as influencial in optimizing learning and priority was given to individual mentor,not the learning environment[gray and smith2000].                                                
                                          As a first year student susann have the righ to expect support and teaching input from all team memberes,especially nurses and mid wifes on the nmc personal register[nmc,2004a,sectio6.4].stress and anxiety of being in a new place ,away from her peers and lack of confidence will be heightened at this stage[beck and srivastava 1991].At this stage made to feel welcome by knowing their nameand being recognized as a new comer[Davidson 2005,Philips et al 2000],susan can feel comfortable.providing a proper orientation by doing a physical tour allows   susan to know other staffs[Davidson 2005]whom she is going to work with.
According to the NMC a mentor is “a
mandatory requirement for pre-registration
nursing and midwifery students” (NMC,
Placements are monitored for quality by the
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher
Education (QAA), the NMC, and external
examiners via the HEIs. The learning
environment in practice is therefore as
important for effective learning as the
university campus.
Give the opportunity to...