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What is jealousy?

The definition for jealous is 1: unhappy or resentful because u feel that someone is your rival or that someone is better/luckier than you. 2: careful in keeping something: he is jealous of his own rights. Jealously adverb. Jealousy noun…

Have you ever been jealous before? Well everyone has for reasons such as friends having something you want, ordinary people having things you want, you can get jealous that someone always gets what they want or that everything goes there way and doesn’t for you.  

Saliari is extremely jealous of Mozart as he has all the talents and all the skill as where saliari had to give his whole life to god and devote his life to god in order to have the talents to play and compose like Mozart. Saliari was also angry at the fact that Mozart didn’t have to try to compose great pieces, it seemed liked Mozart took his talents for granted by his behaviour and the pieces he made seemed like he didn’t try it just came to him so naturally. But saliairi had to work so hard to get to his talent and to perform the pieces he performed. Mozart also had some jealousy towards saliari as he always had students and the wealth that saliari had.

I suggest tthat Mozart and saliari should rather team up and they could become the best composers, they shouldn’t fight and be jealous of eachother and want what eachother possess if they joined up they can both have the same things and maybe even more than what they thought.