Men and Women in Western Religion

Men Women and Family
In all religions it is clear that both men and women have their own unique role to play.   In some men are the leaders, rulers, head of house, while in others the men and women are equal.   In today’s society religion has caused many feministic issues which have forced them to change their views on woman’s roles and how they participate in religious practices. Here we will discuss and compare some of the differences between the eastern and western religions and the role the men and women have.
Men and Women in Western Religion
Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
In each of the three main western religions, men and women have their own roles to carry out.   Like in Christianity, men have the role of provider, protector, teacher and guide. (KJV 2011).   The women are to be submissive to their husbands, not to teach their husbands but be taught by them instead.   Women are supposed to be modest in apparel and their wants and quiet in church. She is to be her husband’s helpmate and obey him in everything unless it goes against God.   (KJV 2011)
In Judaism women are considered to be closer to God than men.   Men must perform mitzvahs (a Jewish commandment or obligation) during the day at certain times that it is not mandatory for women to participate in, but they can if they choose too.   It is more important for the women to take care of their homes and family.   Men are thought to be lustful creatures and because of this are separated from women during prayer and synagogue, usually by wall, or balcony.   The women are thought not to be distracted by the men as men would be by women.   (Rich, 2011)
In Islam, once married, maintenance, provision, and the overall welfare of the wife is the man’s responsibility.   He may have more than one wife, but he must treat them all equally.   (B. Aisha Lemu).   While women have contracts for marriage and allowed to divorce if contract is broken and keep most of their property they come into marriage with, how they act...