Memory and Car Accident
In class we have talked about memory a lot this unit, especially the topic of faulty testimony and remembering something different. We talked about how unreliable our memory can be when having to remember something. Dr. P has talked about how complex our memory is and how we cannot always rely on it completely. She even gave an experience that she had with her dad where they remembered how something looked differently.
Last May we were moving my grandma into her new place and we had to get a rental truck to help with the move. We got the truck and everything was going good until a mile later when a car runs a red light and hits us. The man was very apologetic and knew it was his fault. The police arrived about 15 minutes later and took the statements. Everything seemed like it was going to be ok since we weren’t at fault. Later that night when we got home we looked at the police report, after getting a car from the man’s insurance, and saw that they had completely switched everything up, putting us at fault. The officer had switched up what had happened. The officer got it fixed and apologized and thanked us for jogging his memory as he saw he was wrong when he looked over the report and notes.  
This showed me how our memory can play tricks on us. It also showed why note taking is important to help us recall things that we need to. We can’t completely rely on our memory the way that we think we can and work the way we want it to.