TO: Traci Goldman
FROM: Shawn McFadden
DATE: 5/12/14
Subject: Performance Management Plan
Performance management framework
Performance management is an necessary tool for a Landslide Limousine services. It provides the opportunity for success of all their employees.. I have provided recommendations that I feel are to be utilized to maximize the potential that Landslide Limousines services has. It is to my understanding the Landslide Limousines will be based out of Austin Texas and to expect to hire 25 employees.   The first year revenue is expected to be -$50,000 with growth of 5% for the next couple of years with a turnover rate of 10%. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics the national turnover average is only 3.2 percent as previously stated in my memo in week one, so coming under 10% should be attainable.
Organizational performance philosophy
In order for Landslide limousine services to be successful I have recommended the following information. First Landslide must be responsible for providing a fair and effective performance managing system that will encourage their employees to communicates with management and Landslide ensures   that managements has the time and skills to carry out performance management successfully.   Management should be responsible for developing performance expectations with the company‚Äôs   employees; communicating throughout the performance management period about performance, and their personal development plans; observing successful performance , coaching for improved performance, and making sure that employees have the tools, , training and development necessary to carry out their core roles successfully. Lastly employees are responsible for communicating with management about their performance, playing a role in planning their development, being accountable, and always striving for excellence in their performance to help achieve Landslides goals (Cascio, 2010, p. 39).
Landslide should also be...