Movie Review: Crush and Blush
The movie opens with Yang-me-soog in what appears to be the first meeting with her doctor (and many more follow through out the film), in which she states her name and age. Later it is found the Yang-me-soog is suffering from a blushing problem and is very much depressed. During the film, Yang-me-soog often appears as two-faced, acting as two characters at different situations. Also, she is not portrayed as a nice person; she always seems short tempered and overwhelmed with anger.
Yang-me-soog’s story begins as a 29 year old Russian teacher at a local high school, however due to increasing unpopularity of the language; Soog is forced to switch to teaching English which she can’t even understand or write.   In addition to her woes, she falls in love with another teacher working at the same high school, Mr. Soe, however he is married and has a child attending the same school. During the movie, Soog learns that Mr. Soe is having an affair with Yiluri (the teacher who took over Soog’s teaching job as a Russian instructor) and becomes furious. Then Soog, in a despretare attempt, forms a relationship with Mr. Soe’s daughter and convinces her in helping with destroying the d the relationship with Yiluri. Jonhee is one of those kids who just isn't good at anything in particular and has no defense for getting picked on. She shows desperation in her when she yells back at her bullies similar to that of Yang-me-soog.
Through many attempts to end the relationship, Soog fails and finally comes to the decision to end attempting to marry Mr.Soe; instead she makes the pledge to a fresh start and looking for another man. Although everything around Soog was causing her much sadness, it was ultimately her relationship with the daughter, Jonhee, which brought her much happiness as they developed a strong bond, shown in the movie through many scenes of laughter and happiness.
favorite scene during the movie would be the one in which Jonhee was...