TO: Rachel Smith
Accounting Assistant Manager
Mom & Pop Store
FROM:   Your name
Accounting Manager
DATE: October 24, 2010
SUBJECT: Accounting Software Upgrade
As discussed at our earlier meeting; our accounting software is out of date. I have included the purchase of new software in our fiscal budget for this year. I would like you to start researching the different accounting software’s that are available for our companies to purchase. So you are not overwhelmed I would like you to choose three coworkers to assist you in this research. I would like the research to be completed by December 15, 2010, so we can purchase at the beginning of the New Year. Please consider these following guidelines when doing your research.
Important Factors to consider:
• The overall cost of the software.
• Please take into consideration the amount of training.
• The software should perform the accounting needs our company uses. Such as,   general ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, sales invoicing, purchasing, and payroll.
• The ability to link to our offices in other cities in a seamless manner.
• Please ensure that our current computer systems are able to run the software. If not, take into consideration the added cost of upgrading the systems.
• The ease of the software’s use. If the software is difficult to learn it may defeat the purpose of upgrading.
• The security of the software. How does the software prevent hackers and unauthorized downloads.
• The support for the software. If we run into an issue is there company support 24/7 for the software?
Once you and your group have completed your research, we will hold a meeting for the remainder of the department to discuss the options your group will present. You and the group will also be responsible for training the employees in the new software as needed. I will give you one month after the new software is installed to learn it yourselves before training the others.
If you have...