Memo of Team Leadership to Manager
Christine Stringfield
Management 521
Ronald Baker

| Phoenix Company |
To: | Ronald Baker |
From: | Christine Stringfield |
| |
Date: | August 24, 2015 |
Re: | Leadership Approach |
| |
The Phoenix Company will be adding a new department to the company as part of the company's strategic plan to enter a particular market.     The new department will be managed by myself, Christine Stringfield and a handful of other members.   Their names are Gina Price, Stephanie Green, Mary Thomas, and Lisa Eylens.   Strategizing to add this new department consisting of these members will help to strengthen the company in some areas and promote growth in a new area.   My team will be able to work efficiently to meet the goals of the company.   To do so, I have compiled a leadership approach in tackling this mission based on the leadership theories and each of their personalities.
Each Member's Personality
Starting with Lisa, she is organized, trustworthy, and practical.   If the company asks her to do something, she will do it, and one can give her dauntless tasks and know that we can trust her to get things accomplished.   She's very organized as well which makes in beneficial for the team since we will need to keep meetings, schedules, and assignments due all in an organized manner.   She will usually be the one generating the minutes of our monthly meetings and we can leave her to make decisions in my absence.
Stephanie is critical, independent, and determined.   She has personal goals set, and she has noteworthy goals for the company.   With her being independent, I know we can give her the data for the new department.   Then she will be able to put the reports together for us needed for the team as she is a good planner.   She prefers things to be structured and ordered (Robbins & Coulter, 2012).
Gina is observant, unpretentious, and highly pragmatic.   She would be an efficient team member and doesn't like...