Memo Eval

Memo Evaluation
George Wallace
July 29, 2013
Elsie Walker

Memo Evaluation
I chose option number two, in which I will evaluate a company’s memo. The company memo that I chose was that of Kudler Fine Foods and the memo is addressed Brenda Wagner, from Yvonne Reynolds. The evaluation is as follows:
Organization of the memo: The memo contains a header with the company’s name, along with the “memo” line and the to and from sections, along with a subject. This is standard for a memorandum, and pertinent information. The text of the memo sticks to the point, and seems to touch on all necessary points.
Clarity: The memo is written in a way that gets its point across, it is lacking in any sort of clarity pertaining to what needs to be done. It is basically a request to someone else to complete a task that the memo itself should have completed.
Tone: The tone of the memo is semi-formal, in that it is written with business in mind, but still seems to be somewhat casual.
Writing style: The style of writing is professional enough, but it assumes that the reader has an idea of what the writer is talking about. If someone else aside from the addressee was to read this, they probably wouldn’t have much idea what to do with the information.
How I reacted: I reacted to this memo much like I just described. I don’t think that the writer took into account the fact that anyone aside from the addressee wouldn’t have any idea what they are talking about. Also, there isn’t really much of a point to the memo aside from the fact that the new POS terminals are coming in. Brenda says this, and then goes on to basically say “I don’t know” anything about what to do next.

I would suggest that the person who knows more about the subject be the one sending out memos. I would also suggest that more information be gathered before the memo is sent out. When it comes to inter-business notes, there isn’t much point in passing on information that isn’t useful. It would make...