Memento Mori

The mysteries held in death are only to be uncovered in one way and that is to experience it. The wonders of the underworld, Heaven, and Hell or whatever it is that you believe in can only be known upon death. Even as out of reach as these are, they are widely pondered. Theories are developed and studied and Mythology of all cultures explains the concept of death. Mostly it is important that there isn’t anything more apparent in death than the uncertainty.
The majority of the world’s cultures and religions, namely the Christians, Muslims, and Jews, believe that life on Earth is simply a physical preparation for the better place that lies ahead. Of course, there is also a chance at eternal punishment for those deserving. It is also accepted worldwide that the underworld and Hell are composed of fire. Hell is reserved for the most evil among the Earth’s people. Another common belief is the separation of life and death by water. For example, in Greek Mythology it is believed that Hermes, the messenger to the gods and protector of travel assists the souls of the dead in crossing the River of Hate to Hades where souls rest for all of eternity. Hades is ruled by and named for the great god Hades. At the entrance to Hades, souls are judged before admitted. Impure souls are sent to Tartaros for eternal punishment. This is similar to the Christian religion in which souls wait in purgatory to be judged before allowed entrance to Heaven or Hell. The only difference is that in the Christian purgatory, souls have the opportunity to rid themselves of sin and retain a chance at Heaven. These main ideas on death are similar because all of the world’s culture and religion have been built and formed off each other.
New insights on death from the video are particularly pertaining to the levels of Hell. There are seven levels, becoming more intense as the levels become deeper. The seventh and final level contains no fire. It is composed of the ice in which Lucifer’s lone soul lies...