Members of a Building Team

General Foreperson
A general foreperson is a worker or tradesman who is in charge of a construction crew.

  * Conducting health and safety inspections
  * Makes sure building codes are met
  * A general foreperson may oversee a project from his inspection
  * Supervises the work crew
  * Secure supplies and material and equipment for daily work use
  * Supply work zones on site for employees and public safety
  * A general foreperson is required to have an understanding of different construction techniques.
  * A General foreperson may be responsible to report workplace injuries.
  * A general foreman is sometimes known as a site supervisor or construction works manager

  * A foreperson acts as an intermediary between workers and the upper management
  * The foreperson depends on the orders of upper management and makes sure everything is done to company specifications
  * Since the foreperson works directly with the workers and they know the workers better than the management, usually the foreperson brings grievances to the bosses.
  * Do a workers briefing every time a phase is completed or yet
to be completed.

Construction Project Manager (CPM)
A Construction project manager is the one that is trusted upon to nurture the project until the end. General needs as a CPM includes to have the capability to ask the right questions, resolve clashes and have good managerial skills.

  * Building accordingly to expectations
  * Manage time, to make sure deadlines are met;
  * Manage scope, to meet clients expectations;
  * Manage quality, by ensuring that the best quality is displayed according to budget;
  * Carrying out risk assessment
  * Have good analytical and organizational skills
  * Monitoring sub-contractors to ensure guidelines are maintained
  * Recruiting specialists and sub-contractors

  * Create achievable and clear objectives;
  * Promote a...