Melbourne Cricket Grounds

English Australian Icons Oral Presentation.
Melbourne Cricket Grounds. ; positive.

For this 'Australian Icons' oral, the topic chosen to work with was the 'Melbourne Cricket Grounds' located in Yarra Park, in Melbourne, Victoria. Its been around since 1853-1854. Thats over 150 years! It's known for being the largest stadium in Australia, it can hold up to 105,018 at capacity, and it holds the world record for the highest light towers at any sporting venue. The MCG itself stands 20,000 square meters in size, measuring 171 x 146 metres in length, from fence to fence.

Back in 1853, the Melbourne Cricket Club had been kicked out of its old home ground by the government, who'd wanted to use the land to build tracks for Australia's first steam train, and therefore forced to find a new home. The club had then bought and bulit on the location of which the MCG now stands. Since its creation, many iconic events have been held there. These are just a few to name.

Way back in 1897, they began holding VFL matches, which stands for Victorian Football League, and then later on AFL matches. The annual AFL Grand Final matches, have been played at the MCG every year since 1902. AFL matches broke a few records aswell. In the 1970 VFL Grand Final between Collingwood and Carlton, 121,690 people attended. Just recently, the 2008 Grand Final match between Hawthorn and Geelong created a new attendance record. 100,012 people witnessed the historic match take place. It's quite clear that the AFL has a strong bond with the MCG and creating a family name out of it!
However, being the 'Melbourne Cricket Grounds,' you can tell the original purpose of the sporting arena was firstly for Cricket. Since being built in 1854, Australian Cricket matches have been held there. Roughly 100 test matches have been played on the grounds, most of those being the traditional Boxing Day test matches, watched by millions of Australians every year.

The Third Test match, held over six days in...