Meiji Notes

Barter economy became money economy
1853 american warships (perry) came to open up japan, brought technology with them
Institute for investigation of barbarian books
Shishi bombed by the westerner ships
Yoshi Shoin – rode out to black ships to find secrets of barbarians
Ito Hirobumi – Japan’s first prime minister
Army of satuma-choshu alliance fought shogun near Kyoto, won
16 year old emperor meiji
Meiji beurocrats had to bring order to anarchy and establish solid government from scratch
Hard to give every citizen a sense of citizenship
1st objective – Eliminate samuri class and force them to go into business (Many samuri became poor)
Saigo went to war with Meiji government in Satsuma Rebellion, fought against government for the samuri class to be kept, lost war, committed seppuku
Fukuzawa Yakichi wrote books that helped modernize japan, tought citizens of western customs and ideas.
Samuri ordered to turn in their swords and were ordered to cut their hair.
Japan’s first ministers known as dancing cabinet
Countryside did not modernize like the city, farmers angry, felt like they were being used to finance the government events.
Japanese saw education as a root to personal betterness, and a way to increase opportunity
People’s constitution discovered in barn, written by a group of farmers, books by famous philosophers such as Locke found as well
Ito’s idol is Otto Von Bismark
Government tried to modernize completely on their own, eventually ran out of money.
Zaibatsu- achievements are national achievements, but any profit they make is private
Sweatshops opened, coal mines opened
China did not modernize yet
Japan decided to become colonialists, wanted to open up Korea. They invaded Korea and started a war with China and easily defeated them.
Russia controlled Mancuria and Japan controlled Korea
Japan declared war on Russia
Japan thought if they lost war to China all of the Meiji restoration advances would be failures.
They defeated Russia...