Lateisha Hemingway
English II Honors

Fences Essay
In the play Fences, Troy Maxon is the main character. He is a very hard working person. He is hard to get along with because he is stubborn at times. Troy thinks he knows what’s best for his family. The author August Wilson reveals many things to us about Troy character. He does this by using baseball analogy and metaphors to show Troy Maxon’s true self.
Troy Maxon seems jealous of his son Cory’s football career. He acts like he doesn’t want his son to prosper and pursue a football career. Troy in the play said “… Aint no need for nobody coming around here to talk to me about signing nothing.” (1.3) In this quotation, Troy and Cory are talking about a recruiter coming to talk to Troy. Troy doesn’t want to talk to the recruiter or sign any papers. He feels as though Cory should be working instead of trying to pursue football. He thinks football isn’t going to get his son anywhere. I believe there is a deeper meaning behind Troy not wanting to sign the papers for Cory. I think it’s because Troy is jealous of his son. Troy is jealous because he wasn’t given a chance when he played baseball. He wasn’t treated fair. He wasn’t able to go as far as he could of playing baseball. But Troy still doesn’t realize that times has changed. It isn’t the same way it was when he played baseball. He is still holding on to the past and what happened to him. “Hell, I can hit forty-three homeruns right now!” (1.3) Troy is talking to Cory in this quotation. They are discussing baseball players in the Major leagues. Troy thinks there were better baseball players in the Negro leagues. He feels like he is just as good as the players in the Major leagues, or even better than them. That quotation also shows how Troy is jealous. The quote shows us this because Troy sees players in the Major leagues that he is better than, but he himself wasn’t able to make it to the Major leagues. Troy feels as though he wasn’t...