There were many complex charterers in ancient greeek mythology, often connected as the myths evolved. It is believed that medusa was orginated from libya in approximatly 1400 bc as the serpant godess of the libyan amazon women, somehow she was transported into greek mythology and there began the myth of medusa.

Medusa was one of three gorgon sisters, the daughters of Ceto and phorcys. She was the only one of the gorgons who was not immortal. She was known for her , femininity and beauty famous for her long silky hair she was described as a very likeable charcter unitl her transformation. She often bragged to the goddess athena declaring herself more beautiful than her. Her beauty turned the head of neptune, athenas love interest, and when athena became aware that he took advantage of medusa in her temple, she was outraged but as he was above her in the heirarchy of gods she could not punish him, so she treated it as a betrayal on medusa's part and sought revenge by transforming her into a monster with snakes replacing her long silky hair, repltilian skin, wings on her back and tusks on her head, cursing her so frightening that no man could look at her, for if they did they turned to stone.

Gorgons, in greek mythology, are female monsters known as horrible grotesque creatures these mythic monsters were of the perfect nature to challenge the greek heroes, they were often portraied as female beings furiously spirited with serpents on their heads and piercing eyes that could turn humans into stone, this pleased athena as no man would ever find madusa attractive again.

Many different sources have different translations of what medusas physical appearance symbolised, it was generally believed she was the symbol of femininity, the mystery, the wisdom, the matrialism in society, the cyclic nature of life death and rebirth (shedding of skin), her connection to the earth, mistress of the beast. Her real self, her soul, her beauty hidden behind an ugly mask. In greek...