Medium of Exchange

Water is a nature local monopoly; people who do not have a well for water are forced to use the local water municipal company in town. The water company hooks up to anyone’s home and he or she has to pay a monthly price for the water that is pump in the home. The water company tests the water to make the quality good so more people will have city instead of a well. Not everyone has to have well; if a person lives outside of town then he or she has a well then. To have a well, the home owner will have to have one drilled if it is a new home going up. The local water municipal company will drill; casing laid for the well. Once that is done the workers lay pipes to get the water into the home, and then hook an electric pump to the well so that it will pump water to the home owner house. Home owners might have to buy water filter to be able to drink the water that is pump in to the home.  And then the water must be tested for bacteria and other pollutants. This is at great expense that the average person cannot afford. And after someone go through these expense he or she might not be able to drink the water that is drilled due to the pollutants in the water such as metal, fertilizers. 
These water municipals companies provide a pipeline in rural area within the city. Just one pipe in one area, so this means no other company can provide water in that area.  So people are forced into using the local water company for that water that he or she may need for basic life. Some people have no other choice there is no option such as people living at low sea elevations such as southern Florida like Key West. Where living at sea level or elevation 1.00 foot above sea level does not provide good ground water, salt water intrudes it causing brackish water.
 The prices are controlled by the local government or water commissions set up by the State or local government, depending on laws in he or she State concerning water. He or she is charged a onetime hook up fee which covers...