Unit 3.

Subcutaneous route
The dosage of the medication may need to be calculated prior to administration. It is important to check the medication has been stored properly prior to preparation.
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) route.
Prior to administration the tube must be flushed with water in order to ensure it is not blocked. Only liquid and dissolvable medication must be administered down the tube. This medication is to be prepared separately in separate syringes as they can be incompatible and may cause the tube to get blocked.
Inhalation route
Correct positioning is essential and it is important to ensure the service user is sitting upright in order to ensure the medication can reach its full effect.

Service user
It is essential that their personal preferences and choices are fully respected. These people may have been taking the medication for years and may be used to taking it in a certain way. It is therefore important to see guidance from service user on the way they wish to take the medication.
Manufacturers instructions give very clear guidelines on the correct preparation, usage and administration of medication. If these instructions are not followed the medication could become compromised and may not of the desired effect. It could even cause harm or death to the service user.
The prescription is always issued by an authorised prescriber and it is essential that the medication is prepared, administered and used in accordance with these instructions in order to ensure the medication is given at the correct time, dose and form.
Policies are drawn up in line with current guidelines and legislation. Your workplace policies set out the instructions which must be followed to ensure you are working within the law.

5a. The decision to consent or refuse medication must be made by the person and must not be influenced by anyone else. The individual must be given sufficient information about the...