Medication Procedure Task 2.2

Medication Administration, Storage & Record Keeping Procedure

The policy below is for the administration of medicine, safe storage and record keeping.
I am happy to give your child medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor or health professional and follow any health plans given to me if I have received a signed parental permission form for me to do so. The permission form will be reviewed on a regular basis to cover any changes in the child’s condition for example a medicine is no longer required or a new medicine is introduced.
Please inform me at the beginning of the session if your child has been given medication before their arrival including the time and dose given.
All medicine given to me must be in its original packaging and not decanted into another container.
I will store all medicine correctly in its original container with your child’s name written on it as per the written storage instructions on the bottle/packaging and out of reach of any children in my care. I will check the expiry date before administering medicine.
It is important that I am made fully aware of the medicine I am administering the reasons your child needs to take it and what the likely outcomes will be. I will also need to know of any potential side effects.  
I will need to know when and how the medicine should be given. I will need to know the correct dosage.
If your child has an acute condition e.g. severe allergies and a health plan needs to be followed please discuss this with me prior to your child joining my setting as I may need extra training to deliver the health plan effectively.
Medicines can only be administered if parents have signed a parental permission form for me to do so.
I will record the time date and dosage of medicine administered. I will also record if your child refuses to take any prescribed medication given to me.
I will review parental permission forms on a regular basis and when a medicine is introduced or withdrawn....