Medicare Australia is funded and run by the Australian Government which is an Australian Government agency that delivers a range of payments and services to the Australian community.

Medicare was in implemented as a Australian health care system which was applied in year 1984, its main enfaces of creating this health system is to target disadvantaged people which couldn’t not afford the basic nessectys of health care and this service provides those nassectys for citizens and make it affordable.

Medicare Is one of the many services and benefits which Australian citizens receive which don’t discriminate and help any one regardless of, race or gender.
The funds, which pay for Medicare and keep, it running comes through progressive income tax and an income-related Medicare levy. This was established understanding that all Australian citizens should contribute to the cost of the health care ultimately according to their ability to pay.

Medicare covers all general practitioners, specialists, participating optometrists or dentists. Medicare provides Free Treatment as a public patient in a public hospital
and Free or subsidized treatment by medical practitioners

If you take the option of using a private specialist, Medicare will then give you a rebate on some of the cost depending, to provide some help and support on the payment. Medicare is mainly why Australia is the best country in the world when it comes to health care and support over all. Medicare it a great benefit and support to give Australian citizens help in order to live a good and healthy life and receive the professional health which everyone needs.

Ultimately Medicare is a great health system, which ensure Australian people get the proper and professional health at a affordable amount no matter what race or gender you are. Medicare is one of the soul reason why Australian is one of the greatest countries and is known to be run smoothly.

By John Moussa