Many people wonder just how our digestive system works. But, it works in a serious of process and is
very amazing how we get out energy and food intake. Our mouth is the first entrance for the start of
our digestive system.   By taking in food we have to use our teeth to chew our food and then our salivary
glands start to release saliva that has enzymes in it to help with the breakdown of the food and helps it
go down our throat easier.   By when the food goes down our throat into our stomach, this is where
most of the food is broken down within the stomach.   The stomach acid helps break down the food so
that it will move easier through the small intestine.   When the food is broken down and enters the small
intestine, this is where most of the nutrient is sent throughout the body to important organs that need
the nutrient.   When the food is in the small intestine, current things get mixed in with the food and one
theses is called bile, which is from the liver, this helps with breaking down the nutrients in the food
to be moved into the blood stream.   When this is done, the final process is where what leftover food is
moved in to the large intestine and this also known as the colon, this is where the liquid portion is
separated from the solid matter and this is where, we tend to use the bathroom. This helps with
sending the liquid through the bladder and kidneys. Then everything that is left over is called waste and
comes out at our colon area. Many people don’t know is that there are so many nutrients that are left
over in our waste that’s it’s not funny. But our body’s digestive system is like a processing plant and
this is how we get out energy and helps us do daily things.