Medical Sociology

The impact of many epidemic disease c is linked to social and economic factors around Africa which Ghana is not an exception. Disease caused by bacteria, virus, fungi and other disease causing parasite are major causes of disease and disability despite the existence of safe and effective interventions many people lack access to needed prevention methods and treatment of epidemic diseases due to social and economic conditions prevalent in Ghana today. According to Rudolf Virchow(1847),”Social and economic conditions are the primary causes of the epidemic of Typhoid Fever”.
This piece of work seek to justify the assertion by Rudolf Virchow that social economic conditions are the primary causes of the epidemic of Typhoid Fever in present day Ghana. Typhoid Fever is caused by the Salmonellae Typhi bacteria. It is contracted by the ingestion of food or eater. The bacteria are deposited in water or food by the human carrier and re then spread to other people in the area The question is what are the economic and social conditions in Ghana today that causes the spread of the epidemic of Typhoid Fever.
The major contributory social factor for the spread of ten epidemic Typhoid fever is poor settlement places. The poor people are often forced to areas not suitable for human habitation where they are exposed to pollution from solid and liquid waste. Liquid and solid wastes are deposited at residential areas in Ghana today without any proper provision made to   reduce the spread of epidemic disease which include the typhi bacteria. For example       no provision for areas with high table(typically in coastal areas) surface and ground water pollution takes place and may lead to the spread of water borne disease such as Typhoid Fever.
Also the problem of portable drinking water is a major problem in Ghana today. How many people have access to treated water in Ghana today? This is a problem to both rural and urban folks. The inability of people to have portable water compels...