Medical Company Assesment

Letter of transmission
May 12, 2014
Billy Badman
Managing director
Good Medicals Company
121 Blunt Ave
Kingston, Jamaica

Dear Mr. Badman
Here is the report of the causes of the decline in company performance and shrinking profits as you requested in your letter to us on 20 March 2014. Our report highlights a number of the causes that we have been convinced to believe that they have played a large role in the decline of sales and shrinking of profits for the company. Also in this report we have brought forth relevant recommendations to try and solve these problems and hopefully rejuvenate the sales and profits of the company. We are also grateful for the cooperation we had from our colleagues within the company when we were acquiring the relevant data.
We would like to express our gratitude for your faith in us by serving us with such an honorable task for this company. We hope this report will be satisfactory and useful to you
Yours sincerely
Yasnor Masayu Bt Yahaya

Letter of transmission 1
1. Abstract 3
3. Survey method 3
3.1. Findings and discussion 3
4. Marketing 3
4.1 Services 4
4.2 Management 4
4.3 Research and development 4
3 Discussion 5
4 Conclusion 6
5 Recommendation 6
Appendix & Bibliography 7
References 7
Appendix 8

  1. Abstract
A study has been carried out by several groups to show some analysis and information about medical products and profits decline has decreased. Some of the results can be known through information from the data collection are being sought. The results were not that bad and good management if workers are trained in every field there. In addition, the product must be prepared well in terms of quality and price in order to win over the customers in buying the product. Therefore, the company must plan strategies to develop the company in a long time or a later date.

This report was conducted...