When I write my paper, I will give my reply to the subject of whether or not Americans should use credit cards. I am hoping to state why someone should and should not use a credit card, and how it depends on those individuals’ circumstances. I feel a sturdy case can be made against credit card use for the majority of Americans. It is my personal view that credit card usage should be reserved for people who live well above the poverty line and who reliably can make payments monthly or in full on their credit card debt. Those above the poverty line will be able to pay off the credit cards debts quickly and afford the monthly bills. As opposed to those that fall below the poverty line, and rely on credit cards to keep afloat. Some people can easily fall into a trap of high interest and drown in credit card debt.   Young people may easily ruin their credit rating if they lean towards getting a credit card, I do have personal experience with this, but it falls under identity theft as well.
In writing my paper I am hoping to convey that credit card usage can do more damage than good. Showing that people sometimes tend to live off of credit cards, instead of using them as needed or for emergencies, will get my point across that credit cards are not for all Americans. I hope to provide adequate information to support my personal point of view that only people above the poverty line should be allowed to have credit cards. With enough research and facts, I am hoping to build a strong essay.   I am going to try to use myself and a few people around me as examples, to help aid and support the topic of my essay. In using personal experiences, I am going to try and pull the reader into my essay and understand where I am coming from. American credit card usage needs to be monitored in a better fashion so debt is not out of control. If not monitored, credit cards need to disappear from our economy.